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Here is an index of various vocabulary terms, and functionalities, that are used while using Zo Academy.

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Zo Academy is an A.I golf academy. You can use Zo Academy to both create, and consume, golf lessons. It is an entirely new way to learn golf from golf instructors. The Zo Academy GPT can be accessed on either GPT Golf Pro, or through Open AI. To use Zo Academy, and other applications by GPT Golf Pro, you will need Chat GPT Plus.  

An Instructor ID is a code used to find Lesson Plans on Zo Academy. Instructor ID's are essentially keywords that make it easier to find Lesson Plans in the Lesson Plan Index You can apply to have an Instructor ID below. It does not cost anything to get approved for an Instructor ID. 

Lesson Plans are the golf lessons that are created, and consumed, on Zo Academy. 

The Lesson Plan Index is where you can find golf lessons for Zo Academy. 

To create a golf lesson, you can get started on the Zo Academy GPT. You can create your golf lesson on anything you want. 

Once you are done creating your golf lesson, the Zo Academy GPT will save the lesson for you as a Braille TXT file. The Zo Academy GPT will also give you the link to upload the Lesson Plan as well.  

To find a golf lesson, you would simply visit the Lesson Plan Index. Once you find a lesson that interests you, then you can just simply copy the Lesson Plan in Braille, and paste it into the Zo Academy GPT for it to unpack and deliver for you.