Zo Academy | Golf Lessons by Golf Instructors

What is Zo Academy?

Zo Academy is an entirely new way to create, and consume, golf instruction. Zo Academy is an A.I that golf instructors can use to create golf lessons that the Zo Academy A.I can then proceed to deliver for the end-user. With the power of Zo Academy, you can now deliver - and consume - golf instruction from ANYWHERE.

How can I get started?

To get started, just open Chat GPT, select "Explore GPTs", and then just search for Zo Academy. You can find Golf Lessons for the GPT to deliver for you in the Lesson Plan Index.

A Golf Academy at YOUR Fingertips!

If you have the Chat GPT mobile app, then you can start using Zo Academy straight from your phone. The Zo Academy GPT is available for all Chat GPT users. The Zo Academy GPT also has advanced video analysis.