How to teach golf on Zo Academy

Learn how to create and upload lesson plans, and successfully provide them to your students.

Why teach golf on Zo Academy?

We live in a world now where artificial intelligence is becoming the standard in consuming golf instruction. We wanted to make a platform that combines the traditional golf lesson feel with accessible A.I. Zo Academy is an incredibly convenient way to both learn golf, and providing golf instruction.

Step 1: Find the Zo Academy GPT on the Open AI Marketplace

The Zo Academy GPT will allow you to create golf lesson plans, and it allows your students to access your lesson plans.The Zo Academy GPT can be accessed for any Chat GPT users.

Step 2: Create your Lesson Plan

Once you find the Zo Academy GPT, you can get started right away. All lesson plans are made through the Zo Academy A.I. Zo Academy can even help you complete your lesson plans if you need some inspiration. You can make the Lesson Plan about anything for your student.

Step 3: Upload your lesson plan

Once you are done creating your Lesson Plan, The Zo Academy A.I will then provide you the link to upload your golf lesson on GPT Golf Pro. After uploading, you and your students can find the lesson you posted on the Lesson Plan Index.